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How we help

At Arcade Fitness, we can help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals through personalised guidance, motivation, and expertise. Here are a few ways in which fitness coach Leeds can be beneficial:

Personalised Workout Plans: We create customised workout plans based on an individual’s fitness level, goals, and any specific needs or restrictions they may have. This ensures that the exercise routine is effective and tailored to the individual.

Motivation and Accountability: Staying motivated can be challenging, especially when working out alone. A personal trainer provides motivation and holds clients accountable for their progress, helping them stay on track and committed to their fitness journey.

Proper Technique and Form: Correct form is crucial to prevent injuries and maximise the effectiveness of exercises. We will teach proper techniques, ensuring that clients perform exercises safely and efficiently.

Nutritional Guidance: We can provide basic nutritional guidance, helping clients make healthier food choices that align with their fitness goals. While they are not nutritionists, they can offer general advice on maintaining a balanced diet.

Goal Setting and Monitoring: We will assist individuals in setting realistic and achievable fitness goals. They track progress over time, making adjustments to the workout plan as needed to ensure continuous improvement.

Why Choose Arcade Fitness?

Choosing Arcade Fitness as your personal trainer promises a holistic and personalised approach to achieving your fitness goals.

Our experienced fitness coaches are committed to providing expert guidance, ensuring that every workout is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. With an exclusive studio experience, you’ll enjoy dedicated sessions free from crowded gym scenes, allowing for focused and uninterrupted training.

Beyond exercise routines, we offer comprehensive support, including nutritional guidance and lifestyle advice, to enhance your overall well-being. Arcade Fitness stands out for its commitment to transparency and honesty, steering clear of generic plans and false promises.

We prioritise long-term progress, working collaboratively with you to set and conquer sustainable milestones. 

What makes us different to other gyms and other personal trainers?

At Arcade Fitness, it’s more than just workouts. We believe in a holistic, client-centered approach to personal training, emphasising your well-being, safety, and lasting success. When you join us, our commitment to you and your goals stands out, setting us apart from many other personal trainers.

Qualified Team

Ant, with his extensive expertise as a specialised sports therapist, brings valuable insights into injury care and recovery. Rely on us to assist you in recovering from injuries and preventing future ones.

Customised Approach

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your training plan is entirely centered around you and your unique goals. No generic templates—just personalised fitness and nutrition plans tailored to your preferences and objectives.

Comprehensive Packages

Our personal training packages encompass everything you need—comprehensive training plans and nutritional support are all part of the package. Our assistance extends beyond the sessions; we provide you with the tools to succeed well beyond our time together.



In our exclusive studio, everyone discovers a secure and welcoming environment. Whether you’re managing a disability or have concerns about certain exercises, we’ve established a judgment-free zone. Here, you can pursue your fitness objectives with confidence and comfort.

No Waiting, No Distractions

In your sessions, our studio belongs exclusively to you. No waiting for equipment, no crowded gym scenarios, and no interruptions. It’s your dedicated time to focus solely on your goals without any distractions.

Motivation and Support

Recognising that motivation may fluctuate and maintaining discipline can be tough, we’re here not just as trainers but as motivators and supporters. Our aim is to assist you in staying on course and realising your fitness goals.

Honesty and Transparency

Our commitment to transparency and honesty defines our approach to working with clients. We distance ourselves from false promises and gimmicks, staying true to providing straightforward and genuine guidance.

Emphasis on Technique

We take exercise technique seriously. Our objective is to empower clients with the knowledge and skills to execute exercises safely and efficiently.

Realistic and Sustainable Goals

Our primary emphasis is on achievable, long-lasting progress. Quick fixes don’t align with our philosophy. Instead, we work together with you to set and conquer sustainable milestones, steering clear of short-term, unrealistic promises.

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Everyone has a unique story and individual goals. Let Arcade Fitness be a part of your journey. We're more than just trainers; we're your partners, advocates, and motivators.

Join us, and together, we'll work toward achieving the best version of yourself.