HIIT (high intensity interval training) doesn’t need to be boring

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, really hit (excuse the pun) the fitness scene with considerable strength a few years ago. And it is still continuing to grow. In fact, HIIT has held the spot at the top of the charts for the biggest fitness trend for quite some time. The rule of thumb when it comes to fitness crazes is generally to avoid them, but HIIT is one of those that is actually worthy of a closer look. 

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a very time-efficient cardio training method that has really stood its ground. As an addition to any solid exercise regime, especially one with a bias towards weight training, it can be very effective. However, it needs to be done right, otherwise it can also be somewhat destructive, interfering with the performance of your weight training. It also has the potential to cause injury.

HIIT can be summed up as an exercise protocol that requires repeated bouts of mid to high intensity work. These are interspersed with either a short rest period or low intensity work. HIIT is often the perfect solution for those people looking to fit exercise into a busy schedule and can be used instead of a more traditional continuous cardio workout. 

Whilst many people might argue that a more traditional routine can be incredibly boring, especially when it can take longer to see results, the same can also be said about HIIT. Choosing the right exercises to do with the help of your personal trainer in Leeds can really help to alter that.

What exercises can you do?

The obvious exercise to incorporate into any HIIT routine is of course running. Short burst of high intensity running that really get the heart rate up followed by those all-important periods of lower intensity exercise or of course rest periods could be a perfect initial workout. In order to do this however, the running is best done in one spot, and this is certainly a little more tedious than an outdoor run would be. 

There are other ways to change your HIIT routine up a notch or two if you are beginning to get stuck in a rut, including involving equipment such as slam balls, battle ropes or even wall balls. 

The key to any good exercise regime, one which will keep you interested and motivated, is to constantly change what you are doing and even to challenge yourself to do new things in order to achieve this. 

Find a personal trainer

Changing your routine to keep it interesting whilst still maintaining the essence of a HIIT regime can be difficult. This is where an experienced personal trainer in Leeds city centre can really help you out. They will be able to find the right elements for you to add to your HIIT exercise regime in order to ensure that you get the best from the exercises that you are doing and of course that you don’t become bored and lose interest in what you are doing before you achieve your ultimate goals.

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