Training when on Holiday

At some point, we all need a break from training, and a holiday is the perfect excuse to take a step back and have some time just for you. However, there are a few things that you can do whilst on holiday that mean you don’t drop your training all together. So why not take a step back from your normal training routine, enjoy your new surroundings and fresh experiences and incorporate some of those all-important holiday pastimes into a holiday training routine. 

Embrace the unfamiliar

Whilst it is true that most hotels nowadays have gyms, and good ones with plenty of the latest equipment, there is no need to stick to the familiar if you are looking at doing some training on holiday. This is a great chance to try some new things and give your routines a bit of a shakeup. 

If you have never tried to run on the sand then give it a try. This is a superb workout that will really let you take in your surroundings, get plenty of fresh sea air and is significantly harder than running on a treadmill. This is a great way to incorporate the unfamiliar into a holiday routine. 

The sea, or if you prefer, the hotel pool, is also a great tool that you should certainly take advantage of. Consider a short but intense swim – this is a great workout for the whole body. 

If you are desperate to do some pullups, then a sturdy tree branch makes a great alternative bar. A little initiative can go a long way when it comes to finding alternatives that mean you can enjoy your holiday whilst still doing some training. 

Use the gym

If you prefer to use traditional gym facilities, then there is a good chance you will have chosen a hotel that can offer you everything you need. Give yourself time to check out what they have to offer and devise a short training routine that will fit your requirements based on the equipment at hand. Don’t forget that you are on holiday though, and if you are not holidaying alone it can be a good idea to reduce your training in order to spend time with your loved ones – otherwise you might as well have stayed at home.

Make a plan

If you already use the services of a personal trainer in Leeds to assist you with your training schedules then why not have a chat with them before you set off on holiday. They will be able to help you put together a holiday schedule that will allow you to fit in some alternatives training whilst still giving you plenty of time to relax and unwind. Remember, having a rest from your normal training routine can in fact be a good thing. Enjoy your holiday, it will only be a couple of weeks and you will be back to your normal training before you know it. 

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